Welcome Piper

This month I’m going to take a break from writing about weddings and introduce you to a new addition to my family. The end of June we welcomed another daughter, Piper, to the family. We are beyond thrilled! She is the sweetest, little lady and fits in perfectly with out family. My other daughters, Quinn and Reagan, can’t keep their eyes off of her and our family is adjusting so well.

Adding a new family member is always a little nerve racking when you have other children. I was nervous about how everyone would react to having a baby in the house again. I’m so happy to say that as soon as everyone saw her, any worry about that vanished. Her sisters love her, love to help take care of her, and talk to her.

I’m enjoying a little bit of a break from weddings to take in all of the family goodness, but will be back to work again in September. Until then, I will be taking in all of the baby snuggles, getting my other girls ready for second grade and kindergarten, and enjoying the last bit of summer break.